BZZZOING! future sounds

In a mailart call by the Italian Vittore Baroni artists were requested to make a futuristic instrument and play it.

His call reminded the futuristic manifest The Art of Noise by Luigi Russolo. This one centure old manifest tells us music is not just the violins and clavecimbels, but all sound around us. In his era especially included machines, engines, sounds of steel and steam.

In some brainstorm sessions with musician and friend David (who specialises in synthesizers, reed flutes, electronic manipulations and liquid-filled slides) we concluded we needed to make an instrument which would be destroyed in the process of trying to save it. An inflatable object with sound-producing leaks. A fight between the filling and the emptying of the instrument.

In the preparatory phase we bought an inflatable crocodile and collected the reeds, tape , air pump etc. The first performance we did on the beach. I trying to fill the crocodile with air, children functioning as pressurisers producing the air pressure needed to blow the reed flutes.

A second performance was done in a quiet lake with just me. Here the crocodile is really drowned.

The crocopipe is a modern variant to the traditional bagpipe.

The crocopipe is a modern variant to the traditional bagpipe.

An mp3 of the (second) recording and a photo of the instrument were sent by me as the contribution to this mail art call.

All is explained in a leaflet (CD-sized, 100 exx, as required) which I sent as a second contribution to the project.


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